Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm back! Great Walgreens trip today!

Life has gotten in the way of blogging :), but I am still shopping every week and finding incredible deals! I am going to try to start posting again everyday, so I can share my wonderful finds with you! Today I ran to Walgreens for a quick trip. Got some wonderful deals. My hips are not going to love me, but these deals were way too good to pass up!

Transaction 1

1 Pint of Starbuck's Ice Cream $4.79 Each * 4

Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes Cookies $2.50 Each * 4

Oral B Toothbrush $2.50 Each * 4

Total $39.16

-$4.79 Buy One Get One Free Sale on Starbuck's Ice Cream

-$4.79 Buy One Get One Free Sale on Starbuck's Ice Cream

-$2.00 Coupon Starbuck's Ice Cream * 4

-$1.00 Fudge Shoppe Cookies Coupon * 4

-$1.00 Oral B Toothbrush Coupon * 4

Total $13.58

Received 5 Register Rewards for Fudge Shoppe Cookies and 3 Register Rewards for Oral B Toothbrush!!!

I used my register rewards from the first purchase to buy some fun stuff for our river trip in a couple weeks! I got marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate bars, graham crackers, and a water gun! Walgreens has the summer stuff on clearance, so if you need flip-flops, beach chairs, towels, beach toys, any of that, go check it out!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I spent $6.70 at Walmart & look at what I got!

I don't usually shop at Wal-mart. Mainly because the one close to my house is ALWAYS so crowded. You would think it was the day before Thanksgiving everyday of the year around that place. So, I try to avoid it at all times, but I had some EXCELLENT coupons I needed to use before the end of the month. Seriously, who could pass up free dog food, free hot sauce, free queso, free paper towels, and more!
My total before coupons was $74.32

-$4.00 Coupon on any Pace product * 7

-$5.00 IAMS Dog Food Coupon * 5

-$5.00 Glucerna Coupon * 2

-$1.00 Bounty Coupon * 3

-$.55 Warm Delights Coupon

-$1.00 Downy Coupon

-$2.00 Old Spice Coupon

Total after coupons was $6.70!!!

Total Savings of 90%!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Walgreens & CVS Trips!

Easter bunny gifts, cleaning supplies, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste, razors, trashbags, air fresheners and more! This was definitely a great shopping weekend. As I was checking out at Walgreens I had about 5 people in line behind me who were all asking questions about how I saved so much money. They were all amazed. They all gathered around and were watching. It was funny. The cashier was even friendly! (Walgreens cashiers are slightly moody when it comes to couponers!) After she scanned all my coupons and my receipt printed, she announced real loudly, "You saved $140!" Everyone behind me was telling me how great that it is. It was definitely an interesting shopping experience! It felt good walking out of the store with over $150 worth of stuff and spending $7.50 out of pocket! PLUS, I have a few items I can submit for rebates, so I really spent less than that!!! :)

Transaction 1 at Walgreens

Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner, & Styling Products, 2/$7 * 10

Colgate Total Toothpaste, $3.49 * 10

Hunt's Tomato Sauce, $0.99 * 12

Glade Sense & Spray, $7.99 * 2

Glade Lasting Impressions, $7.99 * 2

Schick Quattro, $8.99 * 2

Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes, 2/$6

Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaner, 2/$7

Edge Shaving Cream $1.99

Renu Contact Solution $2.79

Tuf Trashbags, 2/$7

Tums Fast Acting $7.99

Total $164.49

-$2.50 Walgreens Colgate Coupon * 10

-$1.50 Colgate Coupon * 10

-$4.00 Walgreens Glade Coupon * 4

-$4.00 Glade Coupon * 2

-$7.99 Buy One Get One Free Glade Coupon * 2

-$4.00 Walgreens Schick Coupon * 2

-$4.00 Schick Coupon * 2

-$2.00 Walgreens Garnier Fructis Coupon * 10

-$1.00 Garnier Fructis Coupon * 10

-$2.00 Pledge Coupon * 2

-$1.00 Scrubbing Bubbles Coupon * 2

-$4.00 Tums Coupon

Total After Coupons $33.51, Paid w/ $26 Register Rewards earned from previous purchases. Paid $7.50 out of pocket!!!!

But, wait! I got back $3 in Register Rewards for the Tums & I will get back $12 in rebates! You can't beat that!

Transactions 2 & 3 at CVS

12 Pack of Diet Mtn Dew, $3.00 * 4

12 Pack of Diet Pepsi, $3.00 * 3

Total $21.00

-$3.00 Buy One Get One Free Mtn Dew

-$3.00 Buy 2 Get One Free Diet Pepsi

Total $15.00, Paid w/ $15 ECBs, Paid $0 OOP!

Received $2 ECBs for Diet Pepsi and $2 ECBs for Mtn Dew

So, $11 for 7 - 12 packs! That comes out to about $1.57 per 12-pack!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Look what I received in the mail!

The Thrifty Mama posted about an awesome deal on Hooked on Phonics Acitvity Packs. Here is what she wrote:

"I was so excited to find out about this deal. My son is three, and I have been looking for something to start out with him. Hooked On Phonics has their Activity Packs, Pre-K through 1st Grade, on sale for $14.95. Regular price is $46.95 each. Use code save40 at checkout, and you will save an additional 40% off. This covers shipping and a little more.

I ordered 3 activity packs: Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade for a total of $41.58 Shipped! Regular retail would have been $140.85 plus shipping! Great deal. One of my blogging friends, Surviving the Stores, received her pack today and she was very impressed. I can’t wait to get these!

Go HERE for the deal, and don’t forget to use code save40 at checkout. I was very happy to find that I could pay with paypal as well."

I decided to order 2 packs for Ayden. I ordered the kindergarten and 1st grade acitivity packs. They came in the mail on Saturday and they are WONDERFUL! I paid $26.94 including shipping!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I went shopping, again! There is nothing else to do on this rainy Sunday! :)

I decided to make a "quick" Walgreens run to pick up a few things. There are a few register rewards deals going on right now, so I wanted to see what I could find. As I was strolling the aisles, I found some clearance items that I also had coupons for, of course! It ended up being a great trip!

As much as I love shopping, I think I am done for the week! My husband is ready to kick me out. Everytime I come home I have bags and bags of stuff and he wonders where I am going to put it all! I need to sell some of it on Ebay, again. I like selling on Ebay, but it takes a long time to list the items and I really don't make that much money back. I thought about saving it all in boxes and having a garage sale in a few weeks. Hmmm.........what should I do?! :) BTW, if you ever see anything you want, send me an email and we can work out price and shipping or if you are close to me, you can come pick it up.

I did 3 transactions today, but I am combining to save time!

Dove Deodorant, Travel Size 8 @ $0.99
Benefiber Plus Calcium, Sale Price $2.99 * 2
Mylanta Ultra Strength Mint, Sale Price $1.87 * 2
Listerine 500mL 2 @ $3.00
Reach Toothbrush 2 Pack 2 @ $3.00
Reach Ultraclean Floss 2 @ $3.00
Bag of Sweet Mints, Sale Price $0.57 * 2
Bag of Butterscotch Crunch, Sale Price $1.19
Rimmel Mascara, $7.49 * 2
Men's Speed Stick, Sale Price $1.69
Dove Bar Soap, 8 @ $1.19

Total $64.16

-$2.00 Mylanta * 2
-$3.00 Listerine * 2
-$1.50 Dove Deodorant * 3
-$1.25 Dove Deodorant * 2
-$2.00 Benefiber * 2
-$7.49 Rimmel, Walgreens Weekly Promotion Buy One Get One Free
-$7.49 Rimmel Coupon, Buy One Get One Free

Total $28.18, Paid w/ Previous Register Rewards, Total OOP was $2.18

Recieved $10 Register Rewards for Dove, $12 Register Rewards for Listerine, $1 Mystery Register Reward!!!!!!

Barnes & Noble Printable Coupons

0310 ThsWkStoreCoupon Non 12 Barnes & Noble Printable Coupons

Barnes & Noble has put out a couple of great coupons, including a FREE drink when you purchase a sandwich and soup coupon. Check out the coupons and print them HERE.

Thanks The Thrifty Mama

Who knew diapers were so cheap!?

No, I am not pregnant, but I couldn't pass up a great deal on diapers last week at Walgreens and today at Kroger! Not sure what I am going to do with 4 packs of diapers, though! Any ideas!? Wish I knew someone who was about to have a baby, I could make one of those extremely cute diaper cakes! I also made a diaper wreath a few years ago. I am going to try to find a picture of it. Who knew my hidden talent involved diapers!

Walgreens Transaction:

3 Jumbo Packs of Huggies Gentle Care Diapers, Size 2, On Sale for $10/ea.

Total $30.00
-$5.00 Huggies Coupon * 3

Total $15, Paid w/ Giftcard, so OOP was $0

Received $10 Register Rewards for use on next purchase.

Total $5 for 3 packs of diapers!!!

Kroger Transaction:

1 Pack of Huggies Gentle Care Diapers, $10.69

Total $10.69
-$5.00 Huggies Coupon
-$1.50 Shortcuts Coupon
-$3.00 Cellfire Coupon

Total $1.19 for 1 pack of diapers!!!!!

I saved over 88% at Kroger today!

I know it's been awhile since I posted anything, but my shopping trip today was definitely worth sharing! Kroger has an awesome promotion going on right now. If you purchase 10 qualifying items, you automatically receive $5 off your purchase!

I did 2 transactions, but I am combining to show you total savings.

Total $260.27

-$25 for Mega Event
-$72.68 Manufacturer Coupons (I had a lot!)
-$15.50 Bonus Coupons (Kroger doubles & triples!)
-$116.84 Kroger Plus Savings (Kroger member & buying items on sale!)

Total $30.25

Total Savings of 88%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Quiznos: Million Sub Giveaway

Go here to register and get a coupon for a free Quiznos' Sub sent to your email inbox. They have already given away 118,000 so far!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Want to Win 3 Krispy Kreme Donuts Gift Certificates?

For a chance to win 3 Krispy Kreme Gift Certificates, each certificate good for 1 dozen original glazed donuts, visit SavingOurCents - Krispy Kreme Giveaway!

I <3 CVS!!! Revlon Nail Polish $0.25/ea.!!!!

I was going to try to stay away from CVS today, but a couple of deals were begging for me to come and get them! I couldn't resist! :) I also went into Walgreens for FREE Reynolds foil and cheap Oust Air Sanitizer, 2 for $1.99.

Transaction 1 & 2 (Combined to save time!)

Valentine Window Hearts 75% Off, $0.99
Valentine Candy 75% Off, $0.62
Valentine Plates and Napkins 30 Count 75% Off, $1.25
Valentine Garland 75% Off, $0.75
Valentine Candle (It smells so good!) 75% Off, $1.99
Vick's Dayquil, $4.99 * 2
Colgate Total (Used Raincheck), $2.99 * 3
Revlon Nail Polish, $4.99 * 4
Revlon Emory Boards, $3.29

Total $41.82

-$1.50 DayQuil * 2
-$1.50 Colgate Coupon * 3
-$2.00 Revlon Color Cosmetic Coupon * 4
-$1.00 Revlon Tool Coupon

Total After Coupons $21.32, Paid w/ $21 ECBs, Total OOP $0.32

Received $9 ECBs for Colgate, $5 ECBs for DayQuil, $10 ECBs for Revlon

Kroger - Saved $93.21!!!!

We had a great Kroger shopping trip yesterday. Arthur went with me and was amazed at how much we saved in coupons. After the Shortcuts coupons (-$9.20), Cellfire coupons (-3.00), and Kroger Plus Savings (-28.80) came off, our total was around $165. I used 40 manufacturers coupons. Kroger doubles and triples coupons, too. With my manufacturer coupons I saved an additional $55.21, bringing our total to $102.79. Coupon and Kroger savings of $93.21!! That equals about a 50% savings!!!! Would have been a lot more, but we found great deals on meat and of course Arthur needed to pick up some wine and beer. :)

Here is my receipt so you can see all the coupons:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Body Wash, StayFree, & Cereal - Excellent Deals!

I have a sick child at home, so I had time to sort through my coupons and plan a Kroger trip and CVS trip. I did the CVS trip tonight and will go Krogering tomorrow! I have about $60 worth of coupons to use there. I am so excited!

I did 2 transactions, but I am combining to save time!

Suave Body Wash, $1.99 * 6
StayFree Max 24 Ct., $3.99 * 4
Lysol Neutra Air, $3.29 * 2
Children's Tylenol, $6.79
Valentine Wreath 50% Off, $4.99
Valentine Banner 50% Off, $0.99
Valentine Heart 50% Off, $0.99
Glucerna Cereal, $4.59 * 2

Total $57.42

-$1.00 Suave Body Wash Coupon * 4
-$0.50 Suave Body Wash Coupon * 2
-$3.99 StayFree BOGO Coupon * 2
-$1.00 Tylenol Coupon
-$4.59 Glucerna Cereal Coupon * 2
-$3.29 Lysol BOGO Coupon

Total After Coupons $22.97, Paid w/ $23 ECBs

Received 6 ECBs for Suave, 8 ECBs for StayFree

This was a great trip! I was able to pick up medicine for my child and Lysol to spray my house down! I was also able to get Valentine's Day decorations for my classroom. It's fun to have extra ECBs to spend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WOW! - February Spending Update

Total spent out of pocket at CVS since the beginning of the year - $31.01

Total saved - $1,577.55

Isn't that incredible????!!!! :) I have also started selling a lot of the stuff I buy on Ebay. I recently had about 10 auctions close and made about $200! So really, I haven't lost any money on everything I have bought in all my posts. FREE is GREAT! Making money while shopping is even BETTER!

Bath & Body Works Coupons

Go here to get your coupon for a free Signature Collection Item (up to a $12.00 value) with any $10.00 purchase. Valid through March 1, 2009.

Go here to get your coupon for a free Aromatherapy Body Care or Home Fragrance Item (up to a $13.00 value) with any $15.00 purchase. Valid through March 1, 2009.